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Welcome to the Real Texas Gun Show

What Is Precious?

What is precious? Our money, our fancy homes , our cars? Our children’s safety? My oh my that is a biggie isn’t? In our daily grind how often do we really consider it? Sure, we tell them to quit jumping on the bed, don’t run in the house, don’t smoke, don’t drink and drive, and don’t play in the street.

You get the picture, for the most part, most parents do. However, most of us are way too short sighted, we don’t think their safety through far enough. How often on opening a plea for support from groups that do think that far ahead do we shrug and  say again?

Heck, I have lifetime membership, or say maybe I will join up next month, or they have enough members and money already so they wont miss mine?  Or will they? No one  voice by itself ever made that much difference in our lives , except that little newborn screaming at the top of their tiny lungs in that delivery room.  Then and every following day we do all we know and can do to create a safe and gentle world for them to grow up in.

As they grow, we become a little more relaxed, maybe because they do not need  as much of our time or other things occupy our thoughts. Then enter the real world with all the bad people doing bad things to our children while they do not have the tools or knowledge to protect themselves.

Does this sound like a bad movie ending? Does the thought of your children being defenseless in the face of danger make you cringe and cover your eyes hoping it is just a bad dream, or can you still hear that one voice crying out when it is joined by many voices that are all saying the same message to the people intent to doing them wrong. The world has always had people doing bad things to good people, that will always be. Face it whether we like it or not our children are inheriting a dangerous train wrecked world. 

They someday will have to go on without us there with them, difficult as it may be. Just as there are those intent on harming them. So why are we sending our children to their future defenseless? You ask how is that possible?  What parent would do that to their child?  We all do it it, every time we toss the request for support to help protect  our 2nd amendment rights from those intent on taking them from us.

You think that it would never happen, unimaginable, or is it? There are those that are in positions to make those unimaginable things happen right now.! Today!  Take a look around,  how safe would you feel  with no way to defend yourself or loved ones? How safe is that lone voice going to be by it self? Make your one voice count, join the NRA, the TSRA,  not for you, that is selfish, but for our children’s future safety.

Help them protect our children’s right to feel safe in their world without us. Join and support today. Ask yourself... what is more precious?

Vendors: Each show you request table reservations for in 2020 will require a deposit of 50% or more payable at time of reservation request. The required deposit will allow for more advertising for each show.




(Vendors may enter on Sunday after 9AM)

There are a few changes to the table rental rates and rolling of tables to different dates in the coming 2024 year. There is also a deposit of at least 25% total table cost to hold table spots.

Table Rates are as follows:

1-5 tables                                85.00

6-10 tables                              80.00

10-15 Tables                            75.00

All tables with exception of certain venues that use 6 foot tables as part of a 3 table end cap ,are 8 foot tables.

Vendors may still leave deposits to guarantee their location at that venue at the next show there. That being said, I live in this life as well and sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Vendors may roll tables to the next show at that location ONLY ONCE Per Venue in any given year.

HOWEVER should a vendor try and roll their tables to go and set up with a different Promoter at a different venue, They may do so and be welcomed back for our next show at that venue,

 There are consequences in missing my show over another promoter. A vendor will lose any and all deposits, lose claim to any  designated space and will be reinstalled  in the gun show, as floor plan will allow.

Loyalty of Vendors for additional discounts.

Vendors that book into any venue, two shows consecutively or more, at any venue shall become eligible for 8% discount of total table cost for that specific venue. Prepay in full cash Deduct 5% .

Discounts are for the specific gun shows and non  transferable to any other venue.

However vendors may accrue discounts for any other venue where applicable. 

If a vendor speaks to Aubrey,  personally requesting tables at any venue and then for what ever reason cancels, with less than 7 days until show starts or unable to attend requested show, The vendor shall owe for total cost of the tables to The Real Texas Gun Show All other sections of vendor table rental of original contract shall remain in effect.

I hate to make these changes but the rising cost of doing business has gone through the roof. At this time Patron Admission will remain at 10.00 per person 

Aubrey Sanders Jr. L.L.C.
The Real Texas Gun Show
P.O. Box 300545
Arlington Texas 76007713-724-8881

8-9: Taylor at Wilco Center
6-7: Belton
3-4: Brenham
10-11: Taylor
17-18: Gonzales
12-13: Taylor
9-10: Belton
7-8: Belton


Please provide a copy of Sales and Use Tax or ID Form for a table assignment. Thank you.

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